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Brad on The "Today Show"

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Pitt, who has moved to the city with Angelina Jolie and their four kids, returned to the Big Easy to check in on his green home building project. The star led a panel that picked a winning design for the environmentally friendly homes, being built there following Hurricane Katrina. "These houses are dedicated to the quality of life of the family that will live here. It is about fairness and equality," he told Today Show host Ann Curry. "It is a justice issue, what we saw with Katrina is that there is a portion of society that is overlooked. In its aftermath we are not going to be able to bring back their heirlooms and photographs but maybe we can provide a better way of life and do some good out of this. "I care very much for the area. We can debate about whether we should rebuild here or not, I will take you on in that."

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